“We’ve been working with Evolution Services for about two years now. The people they have provided us are part of their new Medical Services Product Development Team. They are helping us with the planning and development of a new business expansion.”

– Harry, CEO of a District Hospital



“Lextech has grown rapidly since its inception in 2001. Evolution Services has supported us in this growth by helping locate hard to find talent, such as mobile UX designers. Knowing we can count on their team to deliver additional resources quickly has empowered us to help more businesses address enterprise workflows using suites of custom mobile apps. We have recommended them to several of our clients to assist with a range of software talent.”

– Alex Bratton, CEO & Chief Geek of Lextech Global Services and Lextech Labs



“I have known Bill Haas personally for the past 15 years, and for the past five years professionally. I have know of Bill’s work in placing IT professionals into special projects for health care plans, systems and associations. Most recently, Bill and the group at Evolution Services have been developing proposals for niche services for family medicine. They bring fresh eyes, energy and insight into the world of healthcare transformation. Lots of ideas are developing and we look forward to launching some new services in 2013 as a result of help from the people at Evolution Services.”

– Vincent Keenan, Executive Vice President, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians