We Provide Top Talent in Niche Areas

Evolution provides superior-quality talent proficient in specialties including but not limited to all C Programming languages, Java, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR),  Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Epic, Greenway as well as TIBCO, TPF, and much more.

  • C, C++, C#, Java
  • Epic and Greenway Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Patient Record (EPR)
  • TPF
  • Mobile device application development
  • Project Managers / Business Analysts


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What is the cost to your company for the positions that remain unfilled?

We are expert in balancing the need to fill empty positions fast along with providing superior quality people.   How long did it take to find your last IT professionals?  What if we could cut that time in half?  Give us a call and let us show you the path to sourcing the very best talent.

Pass-through Payroll

Have you identified a candidate that you’d like to have on your team but don’t want the HR hassles?  We offer a popular pass-through payroll service where by we would handle the administrative duties surrounding that employee (hiring, onboarding, workers comp, unemployment insurance, etc) while you enjoy all the benefits of having them on your team.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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